The next step once you have signed with us:

Project Managers

Once the contract is signed, your project is turned over to the Eurodale Production Team. A Project Manager is assigned to your project and your Lead Carpenter will then meet with you along with other members of the Eurodale Team. At this meeting, the Project Manager will review the every detail of the project with you, answering any questions you may have. A designated time will be scheduled as the official weekly meeting going forward, ensuring you are kept up to date. These meetings are for project development review, for logistics, and any questions that arise subsequent to the start of the building process. It is also a great time for you to consult with your Project Manager regarding any changes to the scope of work you would like that differ from the original plan. Of course, you can contact your Project Manager at any time. The duties of the Project Manager are outlined to you at your introduction: these include supervising the entire project, including subcontractors and Eurodale Team members that work on your project site. Project Managers are experienced carpenters who will be building your project. All of our carpenters work consistently with Eurodale and are experts in the high standards we maintain.

Production of the Project

Your Emotional Journey: You should be very excited about the beginning of your project, which will, in the end, be a wonderful space to be enjoyed for many years! You may experience some uncertainty and unease regarding the period during which the actual construction takes place. Your project may require the temporary loss of use of portions of your home, or perhaps it's the idea of having "company" at your home while you maintain your daily living that brings questions to mind. These are carefully considered by the Eurodale Team and they will help you get through any worries you may have. You will be astonished at the speed at which new additions and a new homes fly into existence, how quickly remodeled space takes on the skeleton of what that space is to become. Once the subsystems have been placed in the walls, the project has reached an important milestone: the moment between "rough" space and finished space. The next phase will start with the drywall and this portion of the project is often lengthy. Suddenly, there are only one or two people working in your home! You may feel like there is very little being done for your project, and the dramatic changes in the first phase don't seem to be occurring at the same pace during this time. This seemly slower pace will continue with flooring and paint, if needed. Not to worry, for after this phase comes the trim and finish work. Our Trim Carpenters will set up and begin detailing the new space, adding cabinetry and decorating the seams of the space. Within a few weeks, your countertops and selection finishes will arrive to be set appropriately. Now you can see all of the effort you put into making your selection choices! Your project is near completion and your Project Manager will walk through your new living space with you for your review. Any loose ends get resolved, your home and yard cleaned and you finally have your dream project to yourself. Enjoy!

The Dream Lives On: We hope you never have any problems with our work, but if anything should happen, you can call us at anytime and we will resolve your issue as quickly as possible. As part of our limited warranty, our Sales Manager will call you at a two year mark to once again be sure that your dream still brings you great happiness!



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