Every successful project has a plan.

We are often asked the question of where should one start. With a builder, or a designer? The answer is neither. Every project needs to first have a properly structured plan. It guides the whole process. The lack of a comprehensive plan or general inexperience or naivety on the part of the homeowner is a recipe for disaster. Get prepared, start with the Europlan.

The Europlan is a roadmap that will ensure the project follows the proper path. The costs to properly plan are far less than the costs incurred by not planning. So get your "free estimates" then sit down with us to see the difference. Remember...you get what you pay for.

While planning, find out...

- Why most estimates are 20% below actual project costs.
- The 5 most costly mistakes homeowners make, each creating thousands in out of        pocket expenses.
- A strategy for project completion on time. A real road map, not just an empty
- The secret to gaining preferred access to quality suppliers, trades and craftsman          at the best prices.
- The one question that needs to be answered before hiring an Architect or

- How to avoid the big mistakes that spell disaster before you even start.
- Why almost everyone is absolutely dead wrong about why renovations exceed
  their projected timelines.
- How to really compare one builder to the next.
- How to plan the cash flow. An effective method for controlling your project budget          that really works.
- Exactly what contractors need from you to get accurate bids without guessing
  or leaving it to chance.

Sure everyone is offering free quotes, but what does that really give you. We will teach you what is needed by YOU to guarantee you a successful and enjoyable project.

There is nothing worse than a Builder that doesn't know what a Gantt Chart is. Every Eurodale team member is educated in the creation and understanding of Microsoft Project. We take the guesswork out of planning; follow the Eurodale roadmap to project bliss!

Leave it to the professionals that are trained to teach other professionals. Hire Eurodale.



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