We are writing to support Eurodale's nomination to be recognized again as Renovator of the Year.

We are currently in the process of one of the biggest decisions of our lives - rebuilding our home. It is an extremely stressful and demanding process - so we are very glad that we chose Eurodale to help us achieve our goals.

From the beginning we have been impressed with their customer service orientation. They are responsive, timely (and patient!) in answering our questions. Our neighbours are impressed with them as well - they always address their issues promptly and in a friendly manner. As well, we have been extremely pleased with their project management orientation - we always know where things are at during the various stages of production. Eurodale project manages us too - giving us advance warning of when decisions are needed. They work seamlessly with their trades and as well as our architect and interior designer.

We are very happy we have Eurodale as our builder. They have made building a house a much less stressful and more enjoyable experience.

Leanne Burkholder and John Linney (November 14, 2011)

Eurodale completed an upstairs addition and a whole home renovation this past
winter and spring (2011). We are very pleased with the results and are really
enjoying the added space. The workmanship and attention to detail by their
carpenters and the tradesmen they use are exceptional.

We were especially happy with the quick completion of the punch list. Once we
had moved in, I believe everything was wrapped up within a week or two.

Lynn and Phil Holt (September 12, 2011)

We are loving the house, Brendan, and overall are quite happy. There were a couple frustrations along the way, but in hindsight, these were to be expected with a job of this size, and part of the learning experience for us. I'd be happy to give a good recommendation for you to any prospective client.

Mike (June 20, 2011)

And finally, I want to compliment you for way this job was managed and executed. You came with a very high recommendation from my friend Paul McMillan, and you've lived up to that reputation. In fact I've already passed on your information, with my recommendation, to someone else - something I don't do lightly!

Bruce (June 9, 2011)

Would be happy to have you come for some pictures so you can profile the space. I think every room has come out beautifully. The powder room, laundry room and kitchen are all very special in their own way, each one beyond my expectations. Why don't we plan for Friday April 8th in the afternoon. We have been a little slow in getting everything back together so, this will ensure that everything is perfect by then. Nothing like a deadline!

I'll leave the letter writing up to Steven. He is the expert at that.

I hope that we will have the chance to see you and Jim again (do you think you will be there for the pictures).


Jeannette Keir (March 10, 2011)

Finding and trusting one company to take care of a major home reno is a scary feeling, once we met the guys at Eurodale we knew we found the right people to do the job!

They were organized, professional and did a great job of educating us on the reality of what we were about to endure. They were always accessible and ALWAYS returned our calls/emails quickly. Eurodale was responsible for every aspect of the process, from design and plan drafting recommendations to job completion, everything went very smooth. Our project required 6 months to complete and we are loving our new home, every aspect was completed with high quality workmanship.

Here are the things you can expect when working with Eurodale:
1. Customer Service - they have a dedicated team both onsite and in the office that are focused on customer service and quality. Thak-you Brendan, Jim, Alberto, Wes and Chris for the amazing job!

2. Quality Assurance - Eurodale went the extra mile many times to ensure we were happy with every aspect of our job. I'd also like to call out the fact they only hire top level trades, this is evident in the finished work.

3. Organized Approach - From the first quote through to the construction phase, Eurodale impressed with their professional and organized approach to delivering a quality renovation. This is often overlooked by home owners, thankfully we made the right choice.

4. Keeping it Clean - I was most shocked at how clean they keep the job site, this is a little thing but it really impressed us. The little things matter.

It goes without saying that we would highly recommend Eurodale to anyone looking to improve their property, this was easily the best decision we made during our reno project.

Thank-you for the great work...........

Brett Pearson (December 13, 2010)

After interviewing several builders and obtaining preliminary quotes, I can't say
that Eurodale was the least expensive but you were by far the most professional.
I left our preliminary meeting with the feeling that you would be able to complete
my project on time and on budget. Now that the project is complete, I wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure working with you both. Brendan, thanks for putting up with daily phone calls and emails during the planning and design phase, dealing with urban forestry and the permit office and your willingness to create a detailed project budget. Jim, thanks for keeping on top of things during the build, providing regular updates and working with me as I handled certain aspects of the renovation. Expecting a retrofit project to progress without encountering problems is unrealistic· what I appreciated most about the Eurodal~rTeam was the ability and willingness to work through problems to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution. I am extremely pleased with the results and am happy to say that the project was in fact completed on time, on budget and to the level of quality I expected.

David Watson (December 1, 2010)

From our first contact with Brendan Charters we knew we found a winner. He returned our call immediately, when no other builders had the courtesy too do so. He was extremely knowledgeable, pleasant and confident in his company and their business practices. We were given 100% support throughout every step of the design, planning, permits and building stages. If not for Brendans' savvy handling of the Committee of Adjustments, we would not have been able to build what we needed. Eurodale Developments is a glowing example of how a business should be run. They are honest, hardworking and accountable for every detail. They have passion and interest in what they do and believe in providing the highest standards of quality.

When a problem arises, they don't run away - they fix it. Brendan and his partner Jim Cunningham are always available when you call them. They ensured that all technicians who worked on our home were of excellent quality, professional manor and a true pleasure to have around. Blair Steel, the lead carpenter became a part of our family; even the neighbours love him too. Alberto, the office manager was always a pleasure to speak with. He too is a consummate professional. To have had such a positive experience - in an industry saturated with deceit and dissatisfaction - Eurodale should be proud of themselves. They are a true class act and have set an example for all to follow. We recommend them to anyone and everyone.

At the end of a two year project we can say with confidence that we have no regrets at all. Everything went smoothly with no unpleasant surprises. We got exactly what they said we'd get, nothing less - and a whole lot more! The amount of strangers that ring our doorbell and ask if we want to sell our house make us proud we made the right choice. A heart felt thank you to all involved with Eurodale Developments for a tremendous job well done. In the 70's & 80's it was desirable to have a John Boddy Home, as the quality was well known. We predict that the new status of excellence for the 21st century will be to have a Eurodale Home - we sure feel that way and are proud to have one.

Marnie Amodeo & Jason Lancucki (November 10, 2010)

A Special "Thank you" goes out to Brendan and the entire Eurodale team for a superb job. They renovated my two baths, foyer and kitchen complete to my specifications in just three months. They were professional, understanding, friendly and very organized. They were extremely respectful to condo board requirements and took extra care to keep things tidy and clean. I am very pleased with the new look and will not hesitate to refer Eurodale to friends and family. Well done!

J. da Silva (September 22, 2010)

We recently hired Eurodale to complete a basement renovation for us. From the
beginning, Eurodale was professional and courteous. We particularly liked that Jim and
Brendan were always available to discuss the job, kept close tabs on its progress and were clearly dedicated to providing high quality service. The work completed by all the trades people was excellent and the efficiency was outstanding. They were also very aware that they were in someone else's house and didn't create any disturbances beyond that necessary for the construction itself. At the start of the project, we had asked Eurodale to have the work completed for a certain date and had no flexibility on this date. Eurodale finished the work right on target. Overall, our new basement is a wonderful space and we are extremely happy with the result.

David Ferris (August 26, 2010)

Based on our start to finish experience with Eurodale, we can enthusiastically and highly recommend their services. Click Here for full testimonial

Robert Dugan (June 14, 2010)

Most people I have had the opportunity to speak with who have gone through the renovation process typically say the same thing..."never again!!!". While we have been through two renovations to date, this type of feedback gave us pause when deciding whether or not to undergo a significant renovation to our entire main floor while living in the house with three young children.

Ultimately we decided to proceed with Eurodale due to your Lead Carpenter System. Given the scope of the project we felt it crucial to have someone onsite daily to ensure a seamless successful on time quality job.

We feel our decision was the correct one. As discussed, we are extremely happy with the quality of the finished product but perhaps more importantly, the process was almost enjoyable! We believe this project met with success due to the Lead Carpenter System and specifically to our Lead Carpenter Wes. We were always informed as to what stage was next in the process and what was to be expected. When unexpected issues arose they were discussed immediately and remedies were communicated and agreed upon. I believe this constant communication helped keep our project moving smoothly through to successful completion. Having someone on site everyday without exception also gave us the feeling that our project was also important to Eurodale and that every effort was being made to complete our project as quickly as possible.

In closing I would also like to point out that the various trades brought in on our project were of exceptional quality and were interested in making sure we were happy with their workmanship and the end result. Thanks for a job well done!

Tim Beam (June 23, 2010)

When we made the decision to buy a house that required "a little TLC", we had no idea what it really meant and how much work was involved in making our new house a home. After a year of attending home shows, interviewing contractors and searching the HG TV website for quality contractors, we decided to move forward with your organization - What a great decision!

I would like to express my appreciation of the fine job that the entire Eurodale team did for us in renovating our home. The project was completed on time and at the highest level of quality. I cannot express how much I love walking in my front door and seeing the beautiful finished product. All the best.

Jennifer Cutajar (June 4, 2010)

Eurodale did our kitchen renovation. Overall, we were very happy with the job. Eurodale is a very professional, reliable and pleasant group to work with. Upon meeting them, we were confident the job would be executed professionally and on time and on budget. We were not disappointed. We were particularly impressed with the lead carpenter for the project, Leon. Leon was extremely solutions- oriented and responsive. We would not hesitate to recommend Eurodale to our friends.

Doug and Lily Holmyard (November 10, 2009)


Eurodale Developments Inc. carried out a beautiful renovation for our family on time and on budget. My wife and I bought a house in Toronto in the summer of 2007. We quickly discovered some unused attic space that had the potential to be moved into. We drove through our neighbourhood and those surrounding us looking for renovations in progress. We scoured the internet and spoke with family and friends in search of the right contractor and designer. In the end, we had three renovators come to our house to quote on the job. I had cut a hole in a closet upstairs so that the renovators could see into the attic. The first two contractors stuck their head into the hole and said "unhuh", then led us back into our living room to give us their proposal.

When Brendan Charters of Eurodale arrived, he looked into the hole and proceeded to crawl right through it and into the attic. He took a measuring tape with him and a pad to take some notes. We knew right away that Eurodale was the contractor for us. Their hands on approach gave us confidence right off the bat that they knew what they were getting into and would be able to give us an accurate quote.

Construction started in October of 2008 and finished in early March of 2009. Work was done on our project almost every day. In other words, we saw a lot of Eurodale. The Eurodale team was professional, courteous and talented. They organized the subcontractors and inspections flawlessly and responsibly. Our project's lead foreman quickly gained our trust, and we left for work every day
confident that our house was in good hands.

We are thrilled with our renovation. The project consisted of the creation of a master bedroom in the unused attic space, and a complete gut of an existing bathroom and bedroom. We now have a gorgeous space for ourselves and for our three month old daughter. We feel like we live in a five star hotel.

Jeffrey Levine (November 7, 2009)


It is almost a year since I took repossession of my property in the West Rouge. Over the year I have come to appreciate the quality and workmanship that Eurodate demanded both of itself as builder and of it's trades. With the benefit of having previously built two homes - your team had a challenge o living up to the expectations of delivering a sound product.

Brendan thanks for the patience associated with getting the plan right. Jim thanks for the timely response to the beginning of the week emails, and Jorge for guiding the crews throught the maze of work that was done. I look forward one day to working with the Eurodale team to complete the 2nd floor which would provide a panoramic 270 degree view of Lake Ontario and downtown Toronto.

Paul McMillan (November 7, 2009)

In 2008, we undertook to have an addition done as well as a renovation, to our 85 year old house. The scope of work consisted of digging the basement down 15 inches , expanding the living space from the basement up to the 2 floor via an addition to the back of the house, and re-configuring of the second story floor plan.

There were many challenges to this project, due to the age of the existing electrical system ( part knob and tube and part current wiring) and due to the type of existing framing for the roof ( non typical, almost bell shaped roof) that called for custom roof framing. As well they had to deal with other onsite conditions that included asbestos removal, antiquated water lines, a radiant heat system (which we retained ), and a multitude of surprises that appear as you undress an old house.

The tradesmen that Eurodale employ and specifically, the lead carpenter who undertook and site managed this project was extremely knowledgeable, and methodical in the execution of this project. As mentioned, the roof framing was not typical, and required skill and professionalism that only comes with experience, and a sound fundamental skill set only seen in a professional master carpenter.

The tradesmen that Eurodale hired as sub trades for the physical plant ( electricians, plumbers, drywall installers, tapers, painters, heating and air conditioning) were truly professional, and provided excellent installations of services and execution of finishes.

The principals at Eurodale provided a list of preferred suppliers for bathroom fixtures (faucets, toilets, bathtubs etc.) for the kitchen design and build, for the flooring (both wood and tile) and even the appliances. The choices were very good and we found working with their preferred suppliers advantageous from a planning and timing perspective and also from a price perspective. The project, (like many others before it and to come) had some bumps in the road, but through discussions and negotiations with the Eurodale principals the issues were dealt with amicably and always fairly.

Our overall satisfaction with the work is high. We are enjoying our new living space with a minimal amount of issues. Any issues that have arisen have been dealt with, and corrected without hesitation. If you are in the market for an addition and or renovation to your dwelling we can confidently recommend Eurodale Developments.

yours truly,
Joseph Pacitti & Ket Moller (November 7, 2009)

We recently completed a major renovation of our horne for which we used Eurodale
Developments. We chose Eurodale because they were professional and responsive to
our requests when planning the renovation and willing to work with us to find a
solution that fit our budget. In the end, we are very satisfied with our experience with
Eurodale. Their work is high quality and they maintained the professionalism and
thoroughness that initially impressed us. They also took the time to explain the process
to us, which made our experience as first-time renovators much less stressful. We are
now back in our horne and thrilled with the result!

David Zietsma (November 6, 2009)

We asked for a particular design for our lake home and we got it. The home looks exactly the way we dreamed it to be both inside and out. The quality of the workmanship was excellent. Our interior selections were finished to our satisfaction. Our home is gorgeous. Many thanks

Donna Horne and David Lancaster (October 27, 2009)

Eurodale Developments is extremely proud to present you with a few sentiments from our past clients. At Eurodale our focus is not only on the quality of the job, but most importantly on the enjoyment of the experience. All originals plus many more, are on file at our showroom for your viewing.

"From the beginning, Eurodale was professional and courteous. Eurodale distinguished themselves by acting responsibly and creatively by working with us to provided the best result within our allocated budget. The quality of work seen by the hired trades people was excellent and the efficiency was beyond par. We look forward to using Eurodale again for future renovations to our home."
-Huy Shim & Sharon Nguyen (Facelift of house Fall 2008 - Winter 2008)

"From the beginning, Brendan took care of issues (permits, minor variances) that would have cost us a lot of time and frustration had we done it ourselves. The build itself happened during the rainiest season on record. Jim and our lead carpenter Bill made sure that everything went as painlessly as possible. You guys generated quite a buzz in the neighborhood and a lot of people we spoke with expressed interest in doing something similar with their homes. The final product really speaks for itself. Thank you all for your tireless effort and commitment to our project. We love it!!
-Alan & Gabrielle Wolff (Full facelift of house and Reno Spring 2008 - Fall 2008)

"My wife and I want to express our thanks and appreciation for all of your hard work and expertise throughout the renovation of our 2 storey addition. We love how the new space turned out, would not hesitate to use Eurodale again and can recommend others to do so without hesitation"
-Lee Herberman & Barbara Rodgers (Two Storey Addition & Renovation -Winter 2008-Summer 2008)

"We have been very happy with the service we received from Eurodale. They are prompt to respond to questions and concerns. Throughout the process of the renovation, we were kept informed of all of the work and trades that were being done. We felt that we always knew where we were at in the process. Brendan and Jim are very professional and easy to work with."
-Jim Helkie & Lee Fitzsimmons (Custom Washroom Winter 2008 - Spring 2008)

"Thank you both for doing such a fantastic job on our home. We have already and will continue to spread the word of Eurodale."
-Ben Kowalewicz & Rachelle Turner (Attic Conversion/Reno Winter 2007)

"Thanks for all the great effort and follow through. The projects this year were a bit more then challenging but you and your team were certainly up to the task. Good job."
-Matt Davis-Designer Guys HGTV (Spring 2007 - Winter 2007)

"Despite some extra ordinary obstacles Eurodale came through for us every time. They were diligent at communicating with home owners, designers, and our production team. They maintained time lines and budgets and when changes were necessary went to great lengths to guarantee that all involved were informed. One might say that their adherence to a critical path was almost military in execution."
-Theresa Kowall-Producer Designer Guys HGTV (Spring 2007 - Winter 2007)

"We found the Eurodale team to be professional, clear and thorough. They ensured each step of the way we were happy with the outcome ad often made recommendations as to what may work better or save money. They have excellent trades people and with the tight timelines did an excellent job in the coordinating everyone to finish on time."
-Dave & Helen Fredrickson (HGTV Renovation-Fall 2007)

"Jim and Brendan worked hard to ensure that we were completely satisfied with the work being done in our home. They genuinely cared about our project and wanted us to be happy. We do not hesitate to recommend Eurodale Developments to anyone. Jim and Brendan's honesty and integrity are unequivocal."
-Andrew Paladino & Elizabeth Cunliffe (Two Storey Addition & Renovation-Summer 2007)

"Not only were we very pleased with the standard of workmanship, we were also very happy with the level of service that we received. We are so happy with the new space and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to friends and clients."
-Claire and Peter Gordan (HGTV Renovation-Summer 2007)

"Eurodale stepped in and saved us after a reno-gone-wrong. We appreciated their professionalism, the high quality of their work and the respect they showed our home and family."
-Samantha Sacks (Renovation-Summer 2007)

"The work that Eurodale Developments did for us, was done in a timely manner and manifested high quality craftsmanship at each stage of the process."
-Robert Spenceley & Rachel Francis (Front Porch-Summer 2007)

"We had a tight timeline as I was pregnant and the renovation had to be completed by early August. We were thoroughly impressed with their level of professionalism and responsiveness throughout the project. More importantly, everything was done on time!"
-Michael Graham & Nancie Lataille (Renovation-Summer 2007)

"After speaking with some very happy neighbors we contracted Eurodale for a quotation. We were very impressed with the service we received and offered the contract without hesitation. If you are looking for a contractor who will get your renovations done to very high standard and on time we have no hesitation in recommending Eurodale Developments."
-Martin Griffey & Colin Gerrard (Renovation-Spring 2007)

"We found Eurodale to be very professional and thorough from our initial meeting right through until the project was complete. Eurodale went above & beyond to make sure that we were completely satisfied & happy with the job. They provided us with a clear critical path of every stage of the project, and they stuck to it."
-Scott & Jodi MacAndrews (Renovation-Spring 2007)

"All the trade's people who Eurodale provided for the project exhibited the utmost professionalism. They took time to explain the progress in their work while mentioning things that would be of interest to us all at the same time. We are glad we hired Eurodale because the project got done in the specified time and the end product is something we can enjoy for many years."
-Frank & Lisa Horvat (Renovation-Spring 2007)

"Our experience with Eurodale was above and beyond what we were anticipating. We never had a moment where we felt abandoned, and they completed the job according to schedule. We would not hesitate to to work with the Eurodale team again and have already recommended them to family & friends"

-Patrick & Penelope Hopewell (Rear Addition & Renovation-Winter 2006)

"Eurodale Developments completed an extensive restoration of the foundation and basement interior of our Rosedale home. The work was completed on budget and on a timely basis. Most importantly, Brendan and Jim who managed the project were on site on a regular basis. They were responsive to our sometimes last minute requests and were a pleasure to work with. We would definitely hire them again and would highly recommend them."
-Don & Elaine Triggs (Renovation-Fall 2006)

"We were assigned a lead carpenter, Scott, who was not only to do most of the work on the renovation but oversee the sub trades. He was at the site virtually every day and we could not have asked for a more conscientious person to have doing our job. He ensured that the work was done on time and to building code specifics. Jim and Brendan are setting a new standard in the home renovation field. They are reliable, efficient, organized, friendly and do an excellent job. We would certainly consider using Eurodale again in the future."
-David & Beverly Nimon (Rear Addition-Summer 2006)

"Eurodale Developments recently completed extensive renovations to our home. Both Jim and Brendan were extremely professional and pleasant to work with. Our happiness with the work being done and the final outcome was clearly their objective. Also, the sub-contractors that came and worked on our house were all very professional and kept a clean and tidy work space. Overall, it has been a pleasant and rewarding experience to work with the Eurodale team and we would highly recommend them. The renovations are complete and we are very pleased with the finished product."
-Gary & Joanne Sugar (Renovation-Summer 2006)

"As a recent customer of Eurodale Developments, we are extremely satisfied with the final outcome of the renovation of our condo unit. Specifically, the high standard/quality of work, attention to detail and Brendan and Jim's degree of involvement from start to finish were outstanding. We commend their professionalism and dedication on this project. We fully endorse their services without hesitation. It was a pleasure to work with the Eurodale team"
-Rick & Cecilia Crisostomo (Full Renovation-Winter 2005/2006)

"We recently hired Eurodale to manage the project of renovating our home, and could not be happier with the outcome. The project was extensive in scope, being an end to end interior restructuring and exterior refinishing, it could have easily spiraled out of control. But instead, we are completely satisfied and thoroughly enjoyed the experience."
-Donald & Sheryl George (Full Home Renovation-Spring 2005)

"I was very sorry to hear that both had left Ottawa as I am planning renovations to my basement in a few years and was hoping to use them again for this work. This probably is the best recommendation anyone can get - the promise of repeat business. I know, I am a business owner."
-Suzanne Lafortune (Second Storey Addition and Full Renovation-Spring 2005)

"Jim would do things far above and beyond his duty. Jim did not look after the project of building our home from the beginning. Someone else has. (to our regret) This fact gave us a chance to compare Jim's work with someone else's. This also made us appreciate Jim very much. Jim will always have in us a satisfied customer."
-Barbara Kubicek (Custom Home-Spring 2005)

"When we had them back to tackle the second project, acquiring permits was not as easy task. Brendan went to the City to deal with getting a difficult variance. We didn't have to lift a finger, which was great since we both work. And the City knows and trusts them, so the process went smoothly. During construction, Jim was available to update us on the project regularly, and addressed any and all issues swiftly."
-Michael Lee (Addition, Kitchen Renovation and Exterior Facelift-Summer 2005)

"I have had a great deal of problems in the past with contractors and was completely dismayed with the process. Jim is well organized and has an excellent knowledge of the industry. He knows how to get the job done on time and on budget by effectively motivating contractors and trades people to perform. He demands the best from anyone building a house and treats the project as though it were his own home. After dealing with Jim I have the confidence to build another house again."
-Troy Morris (Custom Home-Winter 2004)

"I know we will enjoy the beautiful addition for generations! You are always welcome to come and enjoy it as well. Thanks again - awesome job"
-Brian & Heidi Ley (Addition-Fall 2004)

"Brendan Charters and Jim Cunningham will ensure that your home project is performed with care and attention to detail. They understand personal needs of customers and work hard to ensure they are met. For this reason, they are an obvious choice when selecting a builder."
-Tom Donnelly (Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation-Spring 2004)

"Jim worked endless hours to ensure that the renovations would be completed properly and on time. The result is a house that my wife and I have called our own for a little over a year. The ideas and concepts were tailor made to suit my family’s needs and will be enjoyed for years to come."
-Joel Grisé (Full Home Renovation-Spring 2004)

"As one would imagine with renovating an old house with ones existing renovation already, there were a few unforeseen issues that came up. This is when I truly appreciated working with Jim. He was very fair and open when discussing any of the problems that arose, and always worked hard at keeping us happy. We always felt he was working in our best interest."
-Dr. Mike Saso (Large Scale Renovation/Addition-Summer 2003)

"Mr. Charters, though managing multiple projects at the same time, performed admirably and gave the impression that my renovation was the only project in progress. He had excellent rapport with all the sub-contractors which inspired them to do top quality work. He was reachable 24-7 and always returned calls promptly. "
-Ian Takoff (Two Storey Addition and Exterior Facelift-Winter 2002)

"Jim Cunningham fulfilled all the roles with professionalism and personality. When things weren't quite right...it happens all the time...Jim was there and set things straight. When we were unsure what exactly was happening, either in terms of construction calendars...Jim was there to reassure us and ensure that things remained on track...and they did-i.e.the work was completed within the agreed timeframe."
-Simon Hanmer and Michele Kerisit (Addition and Custom Kitchen-Winter 2002)

"A few years ago we saw a house being built in our neighbourhood that was beautiful. We wrote the contractor information down and filed for later use. Last year we were able to finally contact Eurodale Developments Inc to make our dreams come true.

They were really great to work with. It really was a “one-stop-shop”. We really enjoyed that Eurodale took care of everything from creation to completion.

We did what I would consider a large renovation. The architect that we worked with really understood our vision and from her first drawings we fell in love what could be. Our project, once started took 6 months and did stay on schedule. There wasn’t a day that went by that one of the trades wasn’t at our site.

There were some glitches along the way (like any project) and anything we weren’t happy with, Eurodale came in and made right. They really wanted to make sure at the end of the day we were happy and the work was quality work.

We are very happy with our house and see ourselves here for many, many years now. The house is the perfect fit for our family.

We would recommend Eurodale to all our friends and family without hesitation."
-Jodi Binning (-Summer 2013)

"Thank for sending us Chris and Wes to work on the demolition and reconstruction of the porch for the chalet at our property. The entire project only took five days to complete and we were very please with the results

Both Chris and Wes worked skillfully and swiftly in order to complete the project. Thank you again for sending us these individuals and for redesigning the porch so that it was both structurally stronger and esthetically pleasing."
-Evelyn and Paul Charters (Body Control Pilates-Winter 2012)

"We have worked with Eurodale for over 7 years now for both our HGTV television series, The Designer Guys, and our private design company the Design Agency. Both Brendan and Jim have been excellent to work with on all accounts from the minute we introduce them to the clients till the very last completion of the deficiencies. They express diligence and organization in all aspects of their projects and a level of care that is unfortunately not common in this industry amongst all builders. Their trades and sub-contractors have always been consistently professional and easy to work with. We would gladly recommend them for future projects and hope that their collaborations with us become award winning."
-Anwar Mekhayech (the Design Agency-Winter 2012)

"Thank you for sticking with me. I will never forget what a pleasure it has been working with you on our beautiful home."

"Eurodale has been the company that we let destroy our house and put it back together. We are midway through the seven month process of lowering the basement, adding an addition and gutting the existing two stories. The project is proceeding with speed and grace. They excel at keeping the steps moving forward with the project in a timely and swift manner. We can only believe that their experience with planning with attention to detail is going to deliver our house back to us intact and in a beautiful state.

Brendan and Sarah listened our vague needs, wants and ideas and set forth to put them to paper. The speed that they took the various stages of the plans through the bureaucratic miasma was awesome. We were told what was happening through out this formative phase. Their vision of our ideas will create the space we will love to stay and share in.

Jim, Roman and their group of many trades and suppliers all come together as one coordinated team. They move though the house without pause knocking off one phase after another. Their ability to remember all the many details is simply increadable. Neighborly relations were always immediately addressed and when a bin had to be moved because of an open house, it disappeared.

We are totally amazed and delighted with Eurodale's commitment to open dialog and professional help through out this process of creating our new house. We know we made the right decision to ask Eurodale to renovate our home."
-Tom Lewis (Winter 2012)

"When we decided to have major renovations done to our house (gut, addition and finish basement) we chose Eurodale to perform the work. From the beginning we were pleased with their commitment and flexibility. The design process was truly a partnership and we felt that Sarah listened to our needs and requests and provided us with designs that reflected our requirements.

The work took 8 months, as predicted, and we moved back in at the end of April 2013. Many of our friends were surprised that the time frame because they were used to hearing stories of long and costly delays. All through the process the deadlines were met and changes were done on a timely basis.

Once we moved in there were issues with the lighting over the sink and when we e-mailed Scott about this he had it taken care of very quickly. Our old "new" house is a joy to live in and we are extremely pleased we chose Eurodale as our contractor. Contrary to what we had heard, renovating our house was a low stress undertaking thanks to Eurodale and its employees."
-Tom Lewis and Pat Bilucaglia (Summer 2013)

"We are writing to you today to provide our support to Eurodale in their application for the Home Builders Award. We can, without hesitation, endorse them for this award, and sincerely believe, based on our experience with them, that they are deserving of the recognition.

We have worked with Eurodale on our home for over 2 years now, 1 year of which was the active construction period. Eurodale assigned Sarah Baltare as our Project Manager, and we have been incredibly pleased with her ability to respond to our questions and comments in a quick and professional manner. If Sarah is representative of the quality of all Eurodale staff, then Eurodale has aworld-class team!

During the construction process, Eurodale efficiently and effectively dealt with all the issues that arose, ensuring the project stayed on track and completed on time. We had expected the full project to take about 10 months from start to finish, and Eurodale delivered right on schedule. Since completion, Eurodale has also been responsive to the inevitable issues that arise in a new home, and has helped us ensure we got the home we dreamed of from the beginning.

We would be very happy to speak with the judging team, to provide details behind our recommendation. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 416-440-8870 with any questions you might have."
-John Linney &Leanne Burkholder (Winter 2012)

"It has been a long and arduous year spent working on turning our century old and original house, built in 1918, into a functional contemporary living space in which my wife, Alana, and I will undoubtedly spend the better part of our lives now raising our family in our newly renovated home.

As with any large-scale project or renovation, what comes with it are many challenges and obstacles, which must be overcome. The Eurodale team has helped us work through many of these issues and has demonstrated an extremely professional approach and dedication while always moving our project forward.

There are many qualities that could be used to describe the Eurodale team of which there are several which are most notable. At the top of the list is their attention to detail and the quality of work being done. At no time during this project, have Alana or I ever had to question the craftsmanship of the work being performed. We are extremely pleased will this aspect as it is at the top of our list when evaluating the overall success of our renovation project.

Lastly, although not a direct member of the Eurodale team, but very much an extension of the product and services offered by way of exemplary trades, is Laura Thornton. The interior, exterior and design consulting services provided by Eurodale via Laura, have helped Alana and I wade through tough decisions. We have bounced many ideas and thoughts off of Laura, an unbiased 3rd party, while balancing the time commitment and often overwhelming decision-making process throughout our project. In addition, the Eurodale trades have been a large part of the success of our renovation, as they hold the same high standards and ultimately are what allows Eurodale to put out a high quality product."
-Robert Rusnov, B.Eng.,B.Sc.,B.A. (Winter 2012)

"In 2010 we attended the National Home Show to collect ideas as we were planning on building a custom home within the next few years. We decided to stop by the Eurodale booth and chatted with one of the Eurodale representatives. We enjoyed the talk, so some time later, when we started looking for a design/build firm, Eurodale was one of the companies we contacted. They promptly returned our call and were very open to discuss our idea of building our dream home. Very soon we were meeting at the proposed building site. While discussing the building project we also mentioned we had some difficulties finding someone to do work at our current property, due to the fact that we are located on a very busy road. Brendan and Jim did not hesitate to take on the project and soon the work on our roof, driveway and brick work was completed to our satisfaction. We were thoroughly impressed by their professionalism and service for this small project. So much so that it was an easy decision for us to give them the task of designing our new custom home. Designer Sarah went to work and soon we were going back and forth to determine the final design of our house. We are currently in full construction mode with the Eurodale design/build team and designer Sarah is our Project Manager. We truly love the experience. This is our first custom build, so we much appreciate Eurodale’s experience and help guiding us through the whole process. Sarah has been absolutely great to work with. She listens to our various wishes and is able to point us in the right direction. All while making sure we stay on budget. Eurodale literally helped and involved us every step of the process, including obtaining the building permits. They are always willing to answer any questions we have: from construction financing to insurance and from design materials to trades. We are enjoying the experience and really like Eurodale’s attention to detail, communication, organization and professionalism. Our custom build is not yet completed, but based on our experience so far, we are convinced Eurodale will do great work in completing our dream home on time and on budget. We certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Eurodale to friends and family."
-Collet & Laurens van Eijk (Winter 2012)

"We'd like to thank you for the wonderful work you did at our house. Working with Eurodale was a great experience in terms of quality, communication and professionalism. The project was executed in a timely manner and all tradesmen involved were skillful and of high standard. We would highly recommend Eurodale for anyone considering renovations."
-Collet & Laurens van Eijk (Winter 2011)

"Please find as follows our letter of recommendation to have Eurodale Developments recognized as Renovator of the Year 2012.

Almost three years ago, my husband, Peter, and I decided to embark on a true adventure – a renovation adventure! With a son and a daughter quickly growing up, we decided it was to time to expand our bungalow and add a garage and second story addition. Knowing that we needed both design plans and a builder, we began investigating prospective companies at the National Home Show in Toronto in 2010. It was there that we were first introduced to Eurodale Developments.

At the show, we met with a number of other Design-Build firms yet we kept coming back to how impressed we both were with Eurodale Developments and our conversation with Brendan Charters. We continued to be impressed with his professionalism, knowledge and ideas when he met us at the house to further discuss what we envisioned for our new family home. His initial plans for our new home brought to life exactly the picture we had in our heads of what our home could look like – we were quite literally blown away!

We soon decided Eurodale Developments were the right builder for us and we have never regretted that decision. Brendan and Jim Cunningham were both available whenever we had a question and worked with us to resolve any issues that did arise (adding an addition to a 50-year old house will inevitably run into some kind of issue). Given the size of the project, we also worked closely with Alberto in the office and he helped us keep the project on track by keeping all the tasks organized. Alberto was in constant contact with me as the project progressed and he would remind me when it was time to choose fixtures, paint colours, etc. With both Peter and I working, and trying to raise two young children, these details could very quickly fall through the cracks if Eurodale Developments didn’t have someone like Alberto to help manage the details.

One key characteristic of Eurodale Developments that we did not find in any other company we interviewed was their Lead Carpenter system and it is most definitely a point of differentiation for them. Knowing that the Lead Carpenter for our project, Jorge, would be on site every day, and it would be the same Lead Carpenter every day, gave Peter and I peace of mind throughout the project. We knew we could stop by the house at any time during the project and Jorge and his crew would be there. The quality of the work is also exceptional and it is very evident that only the best trades people are used in their projects!

Jorge also exemplified the professionalism of Eurodale Developments and he ensured his crew not only respected our property but also respected our immediate neighbours’ properties as well. Many times we had our neighbours remark how amazed they were with the cleanliness of the work site and how impressed they were with the care Eurodale Developments took to ensure the disruption to their lives was minimal. To this day, we still have people in our neighbourhood come up to us to tell us how happy and impressed they were to see a builder take such pride in their workmanship!

Overall, our project was finished in exactly six months – from the day we moved out to the day we moved back home. It’s been just over two years since we moved home and we are as happy with our home, and Eurodale Developments, today as we were in November 2010. People often ask us if our addition/renovation was worth it and would we do it again – our answer, in a word, is YES but only if it was with Eurodale Developments! Peter and I have recommended Eurodale Developments to our family and friends looking to start their own renovation adventure and we will continue to recommend them in the future.

Eurodale Developments personifies what a superior renovation is supposed to be – accountable and accessible team members, high-quality trades people, top-notch organization, respect for the neighbourhood and an ability to turn an idea into reality. We strongly feel Eurodale Developments has these traits and we are very pleased to provide our recommendation to have them recognized as the Renovator of the Year 2012."
-Annette Heim (Winter 2012)


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