Custom building and remodeling with Eurodale
Eurodale is proud to be a full service builder. By this we mean that from the time the idea of a project comes to your mind, we become your resource to plan, coordinate, manage, and produce the final product.

The Corporate Entity of Eurodale
Driven to alter the landscape of the business, Eurodale strives to shed the cloak of negativity commonly looming over the building industry. Through client informative and honest practices, Eurodale is transforming the mindset of Canadians, one client at a time. The focus is shifted to the experience of the consumer, on the notion that the bottom line will inevitable take care of itself. The business is built on referrals, not advertising. Our past clients are our marketing team. The structures left behind remain testament to our practices, while the smiles reflective of our actions.

Lead Carpenters
At the first jobsite meeting we introduce you to your day to day contact. The Lead Carpenter is one of the strongest aspects of the Eurodale system. This individual will be your on-site working manager. He or she is fully engaged in your project...from beginning to end. Regular reviews with management ensure all other trades working to build your dream are equally in tune with the project. The experience and professionalism of Eurodale Lead Carpenters is unparalleled in the industry. It is a master level position that is earned by performance for the customer.

Pre-selected sub-trades and suppliers
Pre screened for you to ensure they meet Eurodale standards, our team of approximately 60 construction service providers understands the benefits of being a Eurodale customer. Specialty single person contacts at the top suppliers makes shopping a breeze. With trades, we hand pick the best. By providing expert project management, accurate scheduling, and strong leadership we are able to enjoy the luxury of hand choosing the best trades people in the G.T.A.

Safety certified
At Eurodale the safety of all persons entering one of our sites is paramount. As a homeowner, you will have the comfort of knowing that the team you choose has taken all the precautions necessary in preventing safety violations while at your home. Not only does Eurodale meet the ministry of labour requirements, we exceed them. Far too few contractors in the G.T.A have this certification...our mission is to remain one step in front of the rest.


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